Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of signals does CellSlip block?
CellSlips blocks all cellular, wifi, and bluetooth signals as long as your phone is placed completely inside and the pouch and is sealed. The charging cord must be disconnected from the phone before placing it inside the CellSlip for complete signal blocking to occur.

How does CellSlip work?
CellSlip uses a RFID blocking material lining the pouch. This material blocks all signals trying to access your phone.

Why should I use CellSlip instead of using other software solutions?
With a bright red CellSlip laying on your front sea,t it is hard to forget to put your phone in it. Not only does CellSlip provide a sealed barrier from your phone, it is a visible reminder to put your phone away while driving. The software solutions work, but are not as intuitive and full safe to use as CellSlip.

How much does CellSlip cost?
A single CellSlip is $14.95 including shipping, a bundle of 5 is $11.99 each. Large volume pricing is also available for organizations. Click Promote Your Organization to learn more about volume pricing.

Can I personalize CellSlip for my organization?
Yes, in fact over half of our sales are to safety organizations or businesses that are committed to reducing crashes from distracted drivers.

How long does it take to restore my signal after taking my phone out of CellSlip?
As long as you as you have coverage in your area you signal will be restored in seconds.

Will CellSlip fit my phone?
CellSlips are 4 3/4" W x 10 1/8" H, which fits every standard and plus size phone model.

Will my battery drain faster if I use CellSlip?
There is no negative impact to your battery life from using CellSlip.

What happens to my messages while I am using CellSlip?
Your messages are received when you remove your phone from CellSlip when your signal is restored.

What happens to my messages while I am using CellSlip?
Your messages are received when you remove your phone from CellSlip and your signal is restored.

How can I use my GPS if I am using a CellSlip?
GPS is disabled while you have your phone in a CellSlip. If you have a teen driver that needs GPS there are a couple of solutions: Have your teen assign a designated navigator to provide location instructions, or look up directions before driving. Using a CellSlip is the best option, but we realize there there may be a time when an exception is needed. A driver can always pull off the road to check their directions if needed.

Are there other uses for CellSlip?
CellSlip is a great way to eliminate cell phone distractions in meetings, at dinner time, family gatherings, or at work.