Does it really work?

Yes, the CellSlip's patent pending material will block out all cell signal (phone calls, text messages & apps) allowing the driver to focus on the road.

Will the CellSlip drain my battery?

NO! We have run multiple tests with both Android and iPhones and batteries only decrease at the same rate as if they were not in CellSlip. DO NOT CHARGE YOUR PHONE WHILE IT IS IN CellSlip. The cord will act as an antenna so your phone will still receive service.

Will I miss any calls or text messages?

NO! You will receive all voicemails and text messages that you received while usingCellSlip within seconds of removing your phone.

What if there's an emergency?

In case there is an emergency signal should be restored within seconds of removing your phone fromCellSlip.

What if I need to use GPS?

In the rare occasion GPS is needed then please do so responsibly and at your own risk. But most of our communities kids are driving within their own communities and do not use GPS that much.

Are there other uses forCellSlip?

Absolutely! We like to use ours around the dinner table so we can disconnect and give everyone at our table undivided attention.